About me…

I am a former sports journalist who moved to the dark side circa 2010 and have managed PR at Titanic Belfast (the world’s largest Titanic Visitor Attraction, no less) and now manage PR, Communications and Marketing at Northern Ireland Hospice.

Views expressed here are entirely my own and not representative of my employer or its policies. They are my views, formed by the world I grew up in and the world around us.

Father of two, one of each, and married to an Aussie who was born in Belfast. Figure that one out.


That’s me on the far right, honestly…

I also founded Titanic Quarter Cycling Club in 2014, so that’s pretty cool. Fan of boxing, kicking-boxing, soccer, GAA and golf – and collector of (rock) vinyl records.

I should mention also, I am obsessed by KISS. Yes, the (greatest) rock band whose members wear make-up and wear leather costumes.

I cannot calculate and my son thinks I should have been diagnosed with other challenging complexities during my youth.


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